in the Proton Satria

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Federal funding still defrays some expenses for addressing wolf attacks on livestock, but the states are largely on their own for financing wolf monitoring and other costs. «We used to get $800,000 a year in federal funding, but that's gone,» said Jim Hayden, Idaho Fish and Game's lead wolf biologist. Fish and Wildlife Service for assuring at least 150 wolves and 15 breeding pairs in each state to avoid endangered species protections from kicking in again...

The design was conceived by Proton and Lotus, and incorporates a sculpted bonnet, with alloy wheels and a central exhaust hinting at a sporty focus. There's only one engine option a 111bhp 1.6 litre petrol four cylinder although buyers can pick from manual or automatic gearboxes.The 111bhp 1.6 litre CamPro engine in the Proton Satria Neo is shared with the larger Gen2 family car, and again was developed by Proton in conjunction with Lotus. It's mated to a choice of five speed manual or four speed automatic gearboxes, but has to be worked hard to make meaningful progress.

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